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Next show @ O'Briens - Allston MAThursday April 14

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Label: Ocelot Records

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"The Clash and Ramones didn't father every punk band. Loads of oddballs planted flags in punk: Minutemen, Meat Puppets, Mudhoney. From those wonderful weirdos come Boston's Psychic Dog."Jed Gottlieb - Boston Herald

"Exciting news for fans of cold beer & rock + roll - Psychic Dog will be releasing their second EP, Adios Huevos, this coming Halloween at Club Bohemia. The three track EP has significant punch which is a result of recording in one continuous take (w/some vocal overdubs). This bold approach allows the energy of their live shows to permeate what's on tape, and to these trained ears, the end result could easily be snuck into SST's early catalog. Shit is fantastic." D. Hixon - Visions of the Unexcused

Psychic Dog is a Boston rock and roll machine that is powered by beer and beards.Camille Barichello - Music Savage